Why Your Hemlines Look Like Crap!

Today's Q&A Day! And I'll get to that in just a second but first I want to say...

Your Hemlines Look Like Crap!!


Sounds like something you'd hear frequently if they replaced Tim Gunn on Project Runway with Gordon Ramsay from all those Kitchen Nightmare shows.

As traumatizing as it may be, I'd watch at least one episode.

But would I ever actually say that to someone?

Maybe, maybe not. It definitely depends on the situation.

99% of the time probably not, but that 1% of people that come into in life and push your buttons the wrong way...

I'd probably say it to them lol.

But either way I believe when you're learning, there is going to be some crappy designs and crappy patternmaking and crappy sewing that you have to go through in order to come out better on the other side.

Something I've been learning while creating this tutorial for you all is that there's a reason for just about everything you have to do "a certain way".

There's a reason for ease, there's a reason for basic pattern blocks, there's a reason why you only create a half muslin rather than a whole muslin...

And there's a reason why your skirt hemlines look like crap lol 😉

So today's Q&A is really a hold over from last week or so.

I had a wonderful subscriber, named suramichael, who was emailing me and giving me great questions and things to think about to answer for everyone on the list.

They sent me an email with an early bodice/torso draft and among the other things that I emailed them about, their skirt section's hemline definitely caught my attention.

And, I made a video about the pattern & how to fix it here:

How to Correct the Angled Hemlines of Your Skirt Pattern

Not only did I show what a basic skirt pattern should look like, I also showed what a flared hem should look like, which is what I figured they were shooting for initially.

And as I always try to do, I tried to explain not just what it should look like but also WHY it should be that way.

The WHY's are important.

SO check out that video to get ye some good ole knowledge.

And I'll chat with you again on Monday with another Q&A.

Chris white