Why Design Schools Suck!

Today's Q&A doesn't have a question so much as it features a statement...

A statement against organized learning facilities, namely...


And even though I'm mainly talking about expensive formalized colleges and what not, grade school isn't all that great either!

But that's for another conversation...

You would think that after paying thousands of dollars, loaned or not, you would get lots of one-on-one help...

or at least SOME.

That's not what R Simpson on Youtube described to me the other day. They said:


Yes Chris...you certainly have a flair for teaching. When I was doing the course at TAFE if you didn't understand the concept you were lost with the teacher I had - there are some people who are born teachers and you are one of them.

You can see the video this came from here (you may have seen this already):


Thank You SOOO MUCH!! That is a great compliment!! <3

And it definitely was!

See i know that I can't give each and every person individual help, and I know my online teaching will never compare to actual live teachers, students, dressforms, etc.

...But that doesn't mean I can't try.

That doesn't mean that I can't chop it down to a beginner's level and make it easy to understand, but not only telling you what's going on, but also making sure to tell you the reasoning behind it.

The reasoning is so important because it gives the "rules" context and meaning.

There's a reason there is a street...

There's a reason there's a stop light there...

And there's a reason your Fashion Designing isn't working like you want it too.

There's probably some critical principle you're not including when you design or something.

And that's what the teacher is there for.

To help you critique what you're not experienced enough to critique yourself.

To teach you core concepts and to give you value beyond the money you pay to the school.

That's why it's such a compliment for them to say I was a great teacher 🙂

Anywho, not much to say today, just a little rant on formalized education.

One of the greatest life lessons I've been learning in the past 12 months is that if you want to achieve a goal faster, exchanging money for time is one of the best ways to do that.

It gives you various levels of access to dynamic, sometimes very busy, people who are good if not great at what they do.

But what happens when you pay thousands of dollars and you're still lost? Or you have a degree and still can't sew your way out of a paper bag?

Is it them or is it you?

It's definitely something to think about...

Until next week my friend,

Chris White