What it took to kill the fear of my Pattern Making Books

Do you have any patternmaking books?
Have you ever looked at some of the illustrations that they have and been like, "What am I supposed to do with this? This is crazy! I can't understand this!"

And then you think "...well maybe I'll see if the text helps at all." And depending on the book you have, the picture is probably the most descriptive thing on the page 🙁

Frustrating right?

When I was younger just getting started sewing and patternmaking, I had one patternmaking/sewing book that I got from my Apparel teacher in highschool.

I think she said they were supposed to be changing books for the next year so she let me have that book.

Anywho, that was one of the books that I had.

The other book was the Patternmaking for Fashion Design book that they use in college and my mentor gave me that book years ago when we first met.

In both cases I pretty much ignored all of the foundational things in the books, like "how to create a bodice block" or "what are seam allowances".

I just wanted to fantasize and daydream about all the amazing things I was going to magically create.

But not only did I find the basic info boring, I also found it scary!

Everything was so complicated looking and there was so much new math involved. I think part of it probably reminded me of being in school and I didn't want to feel like I needed to do a lot of math just to create clothing.

Boy was I wrong!

But I will say, it's so different to be learning or doing things because you have a deep desire to do it rather than because you have to.

It's that desire that pushes you over the obstacles and keeps you going. Sometimes I like to call it emotional energy.

And it was that desire to finally be able to create real clothing that helped persuade me to get my basic patterns done.

It's not exactly the easiest thing you'll ever do.

It's definitely not the most fun you'll have.

The basic pattern set isn't beautiful to look at.

It's just a means to an end.

Once you get that done you can start working on other patterns for things people will actually wear!

If you need to learn how to make your own basic pattern set, you can get more info here:

Basic Pattern Set Creation Course Registration

Chris White