Patternmaking is like a Boring Math Class

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Periodically I'll post videos there that teach different aspects of fashion design, sewing, and patternmaking.

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If you're thinking, "I need all the help I can get because this stuff is DIFFICULT!", then I totally understand. I actually agree.

Sewing and patternmaking can be as difficult as an advanced math class (and sometimes just as boring).

But it's totally doable.

And even though I like math, patternmaking did not come naturally when I was just getting started years ago.

I would try and try and come up with ideas about how to make a 2D piece of fabric fit a 3D body and fail every time.

I couldn't figure out what darts were and where they actually went. I didn't understand seams and seam allowances well enough to replicate the effect.

I couldn't even figure out how to drape something over my little sister, let alone on one of those flimsy Joann's dressforms (no offense hehehe)!

It took me actually getting help from someone farther along than me to actually get me up to a speed where I could finally help myself.

They helped me just like I'm helping you.

So there's nothing special about me.

Even though I think I 'get it' in a way that makes me able to explain it to other people, I'm not a genius by any means.

I just had to get some help.

So if I can do it because I got help, then if you get help then you can learn to do it too! Sometimes you just need someone to speak your language so you 'get it', so it sticks and you actually understand what's going on.

And it helps if you start at the beginning and build a little foundation of concepts and understanding so that the advanced teachings aren't completely lost on you. They'll have something to grab onto.

So that's why I have the 2 little ebooks that I give away for free (you can find them at the bottom of every email).

They help give you a basis of knowledge so that you can go and research a little on your own and slowly build your knowledge.

Then when you're ready for more, I have an online video training called The Basic Pattern Set Creation Course.

It teaches you how to create a basic pattern for your bodice, skirt, and sleeve so you can have a template or basis for pattern creation in the future so you don't have to start from scratch when you want to create something amazing.

It's good because it saves you time and a lot of wasted effort if the pattern you're using already fits and you can focus more on the design aspect of what you're making.

You do want to make sure you have or plan on getting some pattern making supplies though. Having the right supplies on hand can greatly affect the success of your pattern making experiments. Not having them can present a big problem/disadvantage when attempting to construct something with a reliable fit.

If you're interested you can go here:

Chris White