Pattern Making Questions from the Land Down Under (Actually It’s New Zealand)

Hey you!

If you've been following along you'll know that I've been talking to the newsletter newcomers this week.

If that's you I want to say...

"Sup..." -_-  (**chill face)

Anywho, if you've been with me for a while, you've also probably seen my little Basic Pattern Set Course I'm always promoting.

And I'm sure you're like, "Is anyone else buying that course... cuz I don't know..."

And it's cool I get it.

My site isn't fancy.

My videos aren't holographic super HD quality.

I don't have a sponsorship from Joann's or Harper's Bazaar.

So I get it.

But I do have a few comments from people in the group, like this question from Christine from New Zealand:

"I love the all your videos i am learning so much but what i am not sure about is how do i find the princess line on a real woman can you help me with this?

Thanks chris"

Well to see the full answer, you'll have to check on the Basic Skirt video page within the course but basically I told her it's very easy to find if you look at 3 different "landmarks" on the body which are easy enough to find.

One of those landmarks is the bust point (or basically the nipple on an actual person).

And within the course you'll get little tips like this either in the comment section or within the videos themselves.

I'm very long winded and I like to over explain some times to give the most thorough explanation.

Sadly, though, you'll be better off taking my course with a dressform or if you plan to get a dressform.

Or if you're measuring to make blocks for clients, you may want to just watch the videos titled "Taking Measurements".

Or if you're making a block for yourself, I suggest calling a friend over, opening the course up to the "Taking Measurement" videos and getting them to help you take your measurements so you can make the pattern later after they're gone.

I separated that video so it would be easier to go through in pieces.

Anywho, if this is right up your alley, check out the course here:

Chris White