Is what you’re doing going to be worth it at the end of the day?

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Ok so have you ever seen this quote?

"Superhuman effort isn't worth a damn unless it achieves results." -Ernest Shackleton

I hadn't either until I was in one of my little business groups online and I came across it.


Now next question...


How do you feel about it?

See when I read it I was like this is one of my mantras in life. I believe this backwards and forwards.

So what is it talking about?

If you guessed anything close to "if what you're doing doesn't work, then it doesn't matter how hard you try"...

Then you're exactly right. We're totally on the same page.

And basically it begs the question, "Is what you're doing going to be worth it at the end of the day?"

All the hard work, the sweat and tears.... the pain... the wasted time and wasted effort...

Are you going to have what you want at the end of the day?

Or, at the very least, are you going to be one step closer to that thing by the end of the day?

And this applies to everything: Your Marriage, your "raising a family" skills, your ability to get the bills paid, and, more on the topic, your sewing and pattern making ability.

If you're busting your butt, day-in day-out.... researching, trying something, doesn't work, rinse and repeat.

If you're wasting fabric and therefore wasting money, and therefore wasting precious nonrenewable time and not getting any clarification on what you're doing...

Then you're going in circles.

And you're going to continue going in circles.


Because you can't get you out of this routine without a stroke of genius or a helping hand.

We all want to be brilliant. We all want to be self sufficient. And in due time, we can all have some version of that independence that we treasure so much.

It's important to know that true independence is an illusion. We are all dependent on something or someone else to supply the things we need.

But as far as getting out of that rut we're in, we have to be honest with ourselves about our flaws.

I'm not a good spouse (but I know I can be better). I'm not a good business person (but I am willing to learn), and I'm not a good seamstress and/or pattern maker ....but let me stop trying to just figure it out and get some help.

And let me be honest here.

The good help is going to cost you something.

Whether it be college or taking little workshops and sewing classes around your city.

And when you get crazy serious about succeeding at something, the cost won't be your biggest concern.

Anywho I'm on my soap box here.

Are you ready to take hold of your success or are you willing to procrastinate a little longer?

Either way it doesn't matter to me. I've learned the things I need to learn for now. And when the time comes for me to dive in to a new avenue, I'll be looking for teachers so I can take the shortcut.

Speaking of shortcuts, if you're looking to make your basic pattern set (bodice, skirt, & sleeve) I have a course on that very subject.

If you're not sure of how to create your own, this is your chance to get some help:

Chris White