Have We Met Before? Allow me to Introduce Myself…

Hey there!

So I've been writing emails steadily for this little fashion design newsletter for 5 days out of the week since about June 2015 up until now!

And if you've been with me you'll know we've discussed quite a bit within the confines of each little email.

But I'm always growing my little email following (to the tune of over 1000) and so I want to take a step back and say hello to the newbies!

So if you're one of the newcomers, allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Chris White ­čÖé It's nice to meet you!

You may have gotten here in a number of ways: through a facebook ad/post, coming in directly to the site from google  (maybe), or even from one of my Youtube videos!

But where ever you came from, I'm glad you ended up here to learn some tips and tricks that I give out on Fashion Design, Sewing, and Patternmaking.

Maybe you want to learn how to become a famous fashion designer, or you just want to learn a technique or two to use in your home sewing and you were thinking maybe I could help get you to that next step in your learning.

Or you're frustrated and confused and you're looking for a helping hand ... or a little snippet of handy know-how to help you complete a dress shirt you're working on.

And without help, it's totally ok to feel a little lost sometimes.

I frequently had moments like that when I was learning how to sew and make patterns for my clothing designs. And I want to be here to give you little pieces of info to help push you along!

Whether it be through Youtube videos, my emails or even a course of mine, you can find lots of info to help you along the way.

I have to admit, my human side will show quite frequently and I'll get on my soapbox in these emails about things I love (or hate). Just like if we were talking at work about the different things going on in your world.

But I always try to reel it in and make it relevant to what we're here to talk about: Fashion Design...

And at the end of the day if we can start to weed out some of the confusion, the time wasted learning alone, and the money wasted when you learn alone too... then we can say we met our goals for getting one baby step closer to becoming the designer You want to be.

I have a course that's open for registration at the moment that deals with making a basic pattern set that fits. I put a link at the bottom of each email so if you want to get more information and register, you can signup whenever it's convenient for you (because sometimes life shoves its way in at the worst times):


Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Chris White