Dealing with Necessary Evils of Patternmaking

We've all been through this process.

I know you've seen the patterns at the fabric store, right? They have a book for you to look in and find the design that you want to make right?

Then you have to remember the pattern number, go to that company's section in the drawers and find that pattern, making sure that you grabbed the right size range, right?

And then you have to get home and cut out the right size of your pattern and then cut out the pattern in the correct fabric... sew it up....

....aaaaand then you're done right?

And even though this can be a frustrating process, you're probably thinking, " Well, at least I didn't have to create my own pattern from scratch!" ...right?

And... "I don't know how to create a pattern that looks like these! Even these store bought patterns look confusing... I don't think I could learn how to create my own patterns. I'm ok just dealing with the store patterns."

And I get it. Dealing with patterns in general is a necessary evil of Fashion Design.

And making our own patterns can be scary when you first start out. There's a lot to learn and some learning curves you have to go through but all of that is minimized when you have someone going through that with you.

We all need someone to hold our hands as we walk through difficult times in our lives and truthfully, getting help is one of the best things you can do.

And getting help can be as simple as walking in someone else's footsteps. Using the pathway that someone else laid down for you because let's face it...

None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes. We all get scared and nervous and excited when it's time to step outside of our comfort zone. These are emotions I experience all the time especially trying to combine fashion design with online teaching where anything and everything goes wrong sometimes.

All of that is made a little easier when we have a guide to show us the way.

And school is a joke. I agree with educating yourself and gaining knowledge...

But I do not agree with the ever increasing need to stay in school longer and longer to end up with a degree that may or may not be useful when you graduate in debt.

And don't get me started on financial aid 🙁

So even though I don't have any accreditation on my courses and what not, and if you can stand my videos not being in super duper HD 4K looks-like-I'm-in-the-room-with-you quality, then I could teach you what I know:

I know you're just begging to pay 1000's of dollars and spend several years of your life learning Fashion Design at a school but on the off chance that you don't want to take that route, I figured this could be a good option too. 🙂

Chris White