3 Tips to Help The Designer Who Can’t Draw At All

Merry Monday!

If you're in the USA I hope you had a great Fourth of July!

With all of the fireworks and festive attire, I hope you found a little inspiration in the beautiful lines, shapes, and colors that lit up the night sky!

Maybe it gave you some ideas and you've been frantically sketching your heart out, waiting for the day when you can create some of your beautiful designs in detail.

Or maybe you've been having a few issues sketching like an email subscriber named vaanderton, who responded dismally to the "What is your biggest challenge so far" question with:

Cannot draw at all


Well you're definitely not alone! I've come across many aspiring designers and self taught seamtresses who wished they could sketch better.


Even though I've been drawing since I was younger, it's quite a different skill to be able to draw/sketch an idea on paper, and it's a skill I had to build over time.

SO I thought I could share with you 3 Tips to help you sketch better borrowing from things I've learned over the years!

Tip #1: Use croquis/templates

I think people would be more interested in me being able to draw beautiful clothing, than in me being able to draw beautiful bodies if I'm supposed to be a fashion designer. Drawing a body that's too amazing is going to take the attention away from what I really want the focus to be on, which is the clothing.

Use pre made croquis or body templates in order to cut down on the time it takes you to come up with a clothing sketch. Find 3 or 4 templates that you like and start practicing drawing clothing on them, but if you're just starting to learn how to draw clothing, don't be too complicated right out of the gate.

Tip #2: Start with the basics/simple clothing

Being too complicated is another thing that will stunt your growth. Maybe you're aspiring to be an ultra luxury, haute couture kind of designer and that's fine, start with a small simple silhouette and then just decorate within the lines with beading details and crazy seams.

That will give you practice with drawing little minute details on your garments but even before you do that, make sure you practice drawing a few, very simple designs and making them look their best.

This will help teach you the basics, while also making sure you focus your designs skills on growing from a solid foundation.

Tip #3: Become an attentive student

Sometimes the best advice is just to pay lots of attention, not just to sketching, but out in the world on your everyday travels.

Look at dresses and t shirts and pants...

And pay attention to the way they drape and flow when a person walks, as well as when they stand still.

Notice how a garment looks from the perspective you're sitting or standing at. Even though everyone knows it's a whole garment, think about what you can and CAN'T see from the perspective you currently have. You're basically looking at something from a 2D (Flat) perspective, it's just your knowledge of the fact that it's actually a 3D object that sometimes makes it hard to draw.

I hope that helps you!

And now that I think about it, Sketching is a good topic to focus on for this week! Be on the look out for the next 4 emails as I look deeper into ways you can sketch better!

Until tomorrow!

Chris White