3 of the Most Important Pattern Making Tools You Could Use (& Why)

Today you and me are gonna talk!

You got some pattern making tools right?

I hope you do....

If not, you really need to get some ASAP if you plan on being any good at pattern making.

And let's assume you're on a budget right?

And you can only get a few...

Well, what I did was to create a little list of the 3 Most Important Pattern Making Tools You Could Use and why they are so important.

And really, although this is an short list, of course it's not inclusive of all the pattern making tools you could have, nor am I saying that these are the ONLY tools you'll ever need.

This is more like if you needed to get 3 tools just to get started, these would probably be the ones I would choose.

#1 French Curve

This curve is something you can't just replicate with a straight ruler.

You NEED this curve.

This is the curve that allows you to create smooth necklines and armholes, which are 2 very important areas to make sure you have the curve right or else your clothing may look less professional and more "homemade".

Not to mention it may also end up being somewhat uncomfortable.

I'll say this again: You NEED this curved ruler!!

#2 The C-Thru ruler

This is an amazing ruler that I get so much use out of.

It's a straight ruler that does the basic things, but it also helps you add parallel lines to the edges of shapes.

This is amazing helpful when you have a pattern piece that needs a seam allowance added.

Since a seam allowance is really just a parallel line that extends your pattern piece, this ruler is perfectly suited for this task, especially since this ruler has lines imprinted vertically and horizontally through out the ruler so no matter where you line it up you can see right where you need it to be.

And also this ruler is see-through, as in clear! This is the main characteristic that makes this ruler such a great tool to have.

#3 Notchers

This little tool is very similar to a hole puncher in that it cuts shapes into paper.

But whereas a hole puncher cuts holes into the middle of a piece of paper, a notcher cuts little snips into the edge of a piece of paper being used for pattern making.

Let's say you want to make a copy of a pattern that has a dart. After tracing around the piece to duplicate the copy, you notice you need a way to make sure the dart legs show up on the next copy. If you use a notcher to notch the edge of the paper right where the dart legs touch the edge of the pattern, you'll be able to correctly transfer the dart to the next pattern piece.

Notchers are also helpful with making sure inter-related pattern pieces connect correctly and for denoting seam allowances since sometimes they can change depending on the pattern piece.

I hope this little list helps you and if you need to get your pattern making supplies, go to http://www.pgmdressform.com/fashion-ruler-student-kits-c112/ to grab a couple things. They have prepackaged patternmaking tool sets if you want to get everything at once or you can buy each tool separately if you're on a tight budget.

And if you get your tools and you're ready to tackle basic pattern making, you can take my basic pattern set creation course by going here:


Chris White